Training of trainers held at Ministry of Health and Croatian Institute of Public Health

Twinning experts Ms. Astra Vitkauskiene, Ms. Jožica Maučec Zakotnik, Ms. Ruta Briediene and Ms. Egle Jonaitiene, conducted one training of trainers

with the purpose to increase medical expert knowledge on determined type of cancer screening (in accordance with the training plan/materials) for approximately 70 health professionals.

Training curriculum for the cancer screening experts had the following main parts:

a) organization and implementation of the National Cancer Screening Programmes (breast, cervical, colorectal).
b) monitoring and reporting of the National Cancer Screening Programmes (breast, cervical, colorectal)
c) colonoscopy; mammography; PAPA smear test; FOBT – faecal occult blood testing; pathohistology.

The training curriculum was prepared in accordance with the practices used in Lithuania and with European standards and according to the Beneficiary needs.

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